About Nuprizm

Trust in news media is at historic lows. Media organizations are getting important facts wrong or even actively misleading the public. We believe citizens should be less reliant on a minority of influencers, editors, and journalists to interpret the world around them. At Nuprizm, we empower readers to quickly gain critical context about the news and help minimize the role toxicity and extremism play in driving the public conversation.

We've successfully raised an F&F round, are post-product, and pre-market fit. We have just begun raising a pre-seed round to support an ambitious roadmap that integrates AI into the core of the user experience.

Current Openings


$150k – $250k • 5% – 15% Equity

Job Type: Full Time

Visa Sponsorship: Not Available. U.S. citizens or valid work permit holders only

Remote Policy: Remote or Los Angeles

Location: Open to candidates across the United States

Preferred Timezones: PST

About the job

We are seeking a product-oriented CTO with deep experience in AI and ML to join us at the forefront of a pivotal mission. As a key member of our founding team, your role goes beyond technical mastery; you will be a driving force in using AI, ML and other advanced technologies to reshape the way we consume news. Our platform aims to pierce through the clutter of misinformation, vitriol, and bias that currently plagues our information ecosystem, delivering news with speed, accuracy, and reliability.

In today's world, where over half of Americans believe traditional media intends to mislead them, and where social media often blurs lines between fact and fiction, we intend to stand as a beacon of clarity. Our mission is to harness AI to cross-reference, summarize, and analyze news, transforming readers into informed and enlightened citizens in an age of information overload.

As Nuprizm’s first full-time hire, you will partner closely with our founder, a seasoned product manager and full-stack engineer who pivoted careers to realize this vision. You are not just technically adept, but a visionary who grasps the profound impact of our work. Your commitment to our mission will be the cornerstone of a platform that redefines how we learn about the world around us.

Note: this role is dependent on us successfully raising our seed round. The best applicants will be available and willing to dedicate time to the project in advance of the seed round closing. You will be offered delayed compensation in the form of cash or equity for any work prior to the close.


  • Lead the implementation of AI to support our feature roadmap.
  • Architect and scale our technical infrastructure to support a rapidly growing user base.
  • Collaborate closely with the founder to align the technical roadmap with overall business strategy.
  • Implement new features by committing code and reviewing PRs, while managing technical debt.
  • Maintain server uptime to guarantee consistent, reliable access to the platform.


  • Proven experience in AI, ML, and/or NLP with a strong portfolio of projects that demonstrate your expertise.
  • A hands-on leader with a product-oriented mindset and experience in startup environments.
  • Strategic thinker with the ability to translate complex technical concepts into actionable plans and the flexibility to shift focus as the business demands.
  • Excellent and responsive communicator with the ability to engage effectively with all stakeholders.


  • 5+ years as a senior+ level developer.
  • 3+ years as a technical and/or research lead.
  • Experience with full-stack development and cloud architectures.
  • Prior startup experience where you have successfully scaled technology.


  • $150k - $250k salary
  • 5% - 15% equity
  • Fully remote, with regular travel for collaboration
  • Flexible vacation
  • Company-supplied Apple M2 laptop
  • Opportunity to shape the future of digital news
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