The Mission

Hold The Media Accountable

Media organizations regularly engage in misleading headlines, pernicious framing, and inaccurate reporting. That's why we empower you to hold publishers accountable by privately rating the quality of their journalism and editorial choices.

Visualize Real Public Sentiment

Publishers and pundits work continuously to reinforce their preferred narrative about current events, who we are, and what to believe, even when we can tell it's a distortion. That's why we show you real-time public sentiment about coverage of today's news.

Break The Misinformation Cycle

Leading social platforms encourage sensationalism and outrage by optimizing for engagement via clickbait, toxic commentary, and oversharing. A better public square demands a healthy level of social friction, which is why you'll have to read articles before you can rate them.

Break the misinformation cycle

Read articles first to enable rating

Rate articles

Rate articles on the importance of the topic, quality of headline, and accuracy with a familiar star rating system

Compare your private ratings

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